Our People are Outstanding. So Are You.

At Rothkopf, we’ve watched incredible people rise through the ranks not because of a specific degree or resume, but because of their brain, willingness to put in the work, and their ability to learn on the job. We look for those who are eager to develop their skills and welcome new responsibilities and challenges.

Distribution Operations Lead

The Distribution Operations Lead is a mission critical performer at Rothkopf that has command of processes around our parts, quality, suppliers, and customers. Your attention to detail, effective problem-solving and ability to make decisions on the floor enable you to be a trusted and reliable resource for your co-workers and the company.

Essential Functions

Create excellence in our operations, from receiving to shipping, using accuracy, quality control, critical thinking skills and sound judgment.

  • Receive and inspect shipments while verifying compliance and accuracy
  • Stock parts while maintaining inventory management process via “first-in / first-out” [FIFO] process
  • Prepare shipments, assemble orders, package, schedule shipment
  • Use electronic scales for piece weight and quantity, digital calipers for part measurement

Physical Requirements

  • Moving much of the day, lift 40 lbs overhead, unloading trucks, moving pallets with walk-behind forklift and pallet jack, and excellent eyesight for quality control and data entry

Technology Skills

  • Ability to use 10XERP, a web-based ERP platform for all operation functions
  • Calculate & record piece weight out to five decimal places
  • Ability to read a mechanical drawing, understand dimensions, tolerances and material specifications

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    Management Track Hires

    We’re hiring for two roles that will help employees develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence as they take on increasing responsibility and go from a leader to a manager to a director. We invest in our people, and, when we hire, we hire for the long term.

    Customer Success Representative

    The Customer Success Representative will learn how to manage supplier and customer relationships for high value outcomes. At Rothkopf, relationships are critical with the Customer Success role taking center stage with thoughtful and prompt communications between customers, co-workers, and suppliers.

    • Utilize 10X ERP Database for customer and supplier transactions:
      • Receive/Confirm Orders
      • Manage Pipeline
      • Create Quotes
      • Schedule Deliveries
      • Verify Pricing
      • Monitor Margins
    • Support Sales and Business Development efforts with order samples, expedite deliveries, follow-up and respond with a professional sense of urgency.
    • Work with Sales Reps to engage customers in the most meaningful way possible.
    • Help our customers and your co-workers.
    • Handle customer complaints and support / coordinate resolution.
    • Anticipate the needs of customers and co-workers and always be prepared to help.
    • Maintain and build customer profiles, enter/import data, and support sales reps’ business development efforts in CRM-Empowering Systems Database.

    Business Operations Associate

    The Business Operations Associate will learn many behind-the-scenes systems and processes required to run a distribution business. This is an excellent opportunity to grow both depth and breadth of supply chain management experience from a finance, accounting, purchasing and inventory management perspective.


    • Utilize 10X ERP Database for customer and supplier transactions:
      • Enter Orders
      • Schedule/Confirm Shipments
      • Create Invoices
      • Process Returns/Credits
      • Receive Payments
      • Manage Inventory
      • Perform Accounting, Accounts
    • Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Cash Flow related tasks
    • Support Purchasing, Delivery Scheduling, Expedited Orders, Change Requests
    • Communicate thoughtfully and promptly with customers, co-workers, and suppliers.
    • Anticipate the needs of suppliers and co-workers and always be prepared to help.

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      Life at Rothkopf

      We’re a third generation family business, and we know relationships are critical to any successful company. We value our relationships with each other, our families, and our communities. Every person at Rothkopf has a life outside of this office, and we trust our people to work hard while they’re here, and to log off to spend quality time with their loved ones when they’re not.

      Our Rothkopf Values

      Doing What We Say We Will Do

      Delivering Superior Quality Parts

      Providing Excellent Customer Service

      Creating Fulfillment Solutions That Reduce Risk and Cost