About Rothkopf

You, Us, + Our Manufacturers

Rothkopf excels at delivering the right rubber assembly component at the right time and at the right price. These components are critical in our customers’ product performance or operations and they trust us to provide the highest quality product every time with no margin for error. Working with Rothkopf ensures you have a team of seasoned rubber component experts to rely upon.


About You

Our Customers

You are a manufacturer. You have a smart, sharp, rock-solid team of experts in their respective disciplines—and so do we. You and your crew are focused on so many things that some days it seems like too much, but you and the good people on your team keep finding ways to get it all done. We know that means your time is incredibly valuable, so let us take a few things off your plate.

About Your Rubber Parts

The rubber parts you need to procure are:
  • Critical to your products’ intended function and your brand reputation
  • Manufactured from compounds that must strictly comply with your Material Specifications and/or agency approvals like: FDA, NSF, QPL, UL, Mil-Aero
  • Scores of SKUs, consumed in varying release/production volumes
  • Among the Lowest Cost components in your Total Spend
  • Expected to arrive flawlessly, with zero defects or delays
  • Often the most likely to fail and most visible at failure

We are ISO certified and have command and control of our processes.

Rothkopf will help your people translate your application requirements into the ideal rubber part. While we’re working for you on our end, your team is free to continue their work. We have earned a reputation for providing exceptional service throughout the component sourcing and buying journey. Rothkopf will always respect your time and deliver the highest value.

Why choose Rothkopf?


Rothkopf delivered our first rubber part, an O-ring, in 1956. In the decades since, while we’ve grown our business and the breadth of our product offerings, our people-first culture remains foundational to our identity. Our experienced team has consistently earned the trust of our customers by always doing what we say we will do, delivering superior quality parts, providing excellent customer service, and creating fulfillment solutions that reduce risk and cost.

ROTHKOPF Supply Chain

Rothkopf commands a global network of manufacturers with unique areas of expertise in rubber compound materials, manufacturing capacity and capabilities, and unique product specializations. All are ISO-Certified and Certificates are available to our customers upon request. Rothkopf utilizes our manufacturers to collaborate and compete for every part in order to bring the ideal solution to our customer.

ROTHKOPF Subject Matter Expertise

With decades of in-house experience and expertise narrowly focused on just the critical rubber components you require, we can confidently answer your team’s toughest questions around the unique and often competing application requirements that come with identifying the best rubber component.

ROTHKOPF Flawless Fulfillment

We deliver Inventory + Pipeline solutions that flex to support your varying production requirements ensuring continuity of supply, while reducing risk and cost.

When you need expert help with o-rings, seals, and custom-tooled precision-molded rubber components, Rothkopf is standing by to help. Reach out to Rothkopf today and let’s get to work.

Industries We Serve

Automotive – OEM and Aftermarket

  • Brake, Fuel, Oil, and Water Systems
  • Pumps, Filters, Valves, and Sensors
  • Vibration Isolation


  • Blood and Fluid Systems
  • Oxygen Systems and Sensors


  • Beverage Mixers and Dispensers
  • Refrigeration Valves and Regulators
  • Food Processing and Storage Systems

Industrial / Commercial

  • Fuel Dispensing and Storage
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Components and Controls
  • Environmental Monitoring Sensors, Controls and Systems
  • Municipal Gas and Water Works Systems and Components
  • Valves, Pumps and Fittings
  • Plumbing Fixtures and Devices

Our Company History

About Us

What We Do

For over 65 years, Rothkopf has excelled at delivering the right rubber component at the right price, right on time. Headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, our family-owned business is now in its third generation, and we take great pride in what we do—putting people first and always keeping our word have been our top priorities since 1956.

We have decades of specialized technical and material pedigree expertise for high-precision/close tolerance components. Our proactive approach to assisting customers includes custom packaging, consumption rate monitoring, min/max programs, auto re-stocking, distribution, logistics and more.

Today, Rothkopf ships millions of precision molded rubber components to industrial and manufacturing customers all over the world, in a variety of markets and industries—which is a testament to our expert sourcing capabilities, technical knowledge, and exceptional service. Whether a large OEM, mid-sized manufacturer, or small assembler, we are committed to being our customers’ most agile and responsive supplier—and many of our customers have relied on us for decades.

Rothkopf Family History

Initially operated as the R.F. Carlson Company, John Rothkopf, a long-time employee, purchased the company in 1984 and formed Rothkopf & Associates, Inc. John’s son, Michael, now owns the company and continues to grow the business along with his sister, Sue, and son, Stephen. To learn more about our history and the values of our company, read our article on the life and legacy of John Rothkopf. Our door is always open and we invite you to stop by, take a tour, and meet the entire team. 


Our Team

The Rothkopf team offers each and every client a combined 150 years of expertise. Our combined experience is shared freely, and we are always happy to discuss a part, a project or a problem.

John Rothkopf

John Rothkopf


Company founder John Rothkopf created a legacy of one-on-one personal service and expertise. Though the world communicates much differently now, his spirit of service lives on.

Michael Rothkopf

Michael Rothkopf


Stephen Rothkopf

Stephen Rothkopf

Business Development Manager

Sue Klipsch

Sue Klipsch

Director of Operations

Patti Maledy

Patti Maledy

Accounting Manager

Jeff Winders

Jeff Winders

Purchasing Manager

Debbie Sevier

Debbie Sevier

Inside Sales/Customer Service

Dan Goodman

Dan Goodman

Distribution Operations Lead

Tom Blair

Tom Blair

Rubberologist / Senior Technical Sales