Ugly Part Relief

We want to solve your issues with pricing, lead time, quality, engineering setbacks, or even product failure.

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We want to solve your Ugly Part Problem


“Do you have an Ugly Part?”


“What’s an Ugly Part?”


“You know the one…you cringe every time it hits your MRP Screen, or when the production or quality manager calls and rattles it off (several of you now know it by heart), or you see yet another email from the supplier referencing it… that’s the one we’re talking about.”

Our Ugly Part Relief Kit [Part Number: UPRK] is the simplest way to eliminate problematic (aka: Ugly) parts from your supply chain. The UPRK helps address issues with pricing, lead time, delivery, quality, performance challenges, or even product failure (gasp!). Rothkopf is standing by to solve these problems fast.

Your supply chain must operate smoothly, without any surprises, to keep production running.

The parts you use to build your products have to be reliable, of the highest quality, and always available when you need them. If even one component has an issue, things can get UGLY. Before it comes to that, allow our team of expert problem-solvers to work the problem until there are no more ugly parts in your supply chain.

So how can we help?

Our Ugly Part Relief Kit is now virtual—just fill out the form below, and we’ll get your problem resolved ASAP.