3 Benefits of Custom Rubber Products

by | Mar 30, 2022 | O-Rings

Rubber products are everywhere, often playing an integral role in the sealing of liquids & gasses, the mitigation of varying pressure & temperature ranges and much more. When you are manufacturing a consumer good/product, you need to be confident the parts you are sourcing to build your product are the right parts for the right application. While standard sized parts fit into particular applications, sometimes a custom sized seal or shape is the right answer for you.

Why You Should Order Custom Rubber Products

1. Custom Fit

Rubber products like O-rings, oil seals, backup rings, U-cups all come in standard sizes. But not all products and applications are designed equally. More often than not, a custom shape or size is needed to get the most optimal end results.

When we design custom rubber parts, you can be confident that they’ll perform. We take a comprehensive survey of your product and application and create a custom rubber component, exactly to the specifications established prior to production. This ensures a snug, reliable fit with every part.

2. Reliability

When utilizing a custom molded o-ring or shape for assembling your products, you ensure that your end product is the same every time. No surprises in the field. No surprise shut downs in production. No worry that something is off by a fraction that will result in massive loss of time and energy. Working directly with a company like Rothkopf means you’re involved in every aspect of the process and you can rely on the parts and information they provide.

3. Affordability

Custom rubber components are integral parts of your end product. They are also typically the lowest cost component in many end products. By utilizing custom designed shapes or seals, you have more control over the consumption rates and materials used, driving costs down even further and keeping the ever pending price increases less frequent.

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