3 Reasons Longstanding Client Relationships Lead to Better Outcomes

by | Apr 24, 2024 | Company

At Rothkopf, we’re proud to have clients we’ve served for ten, twenty, and even thirty or more years. Those relationships may have started because a client needed an O-Ring and Rothkopf could supply it, but they have lasted for decades because of a deeper ability to anticipate and meet their needs.

We’re not just supplying the rubber parts that keep their business moving; we’re also continuing to work with them through growth and transitions, evolving with them as products change, navigating trends and the need to expand product lines, and, through it all, continuing to efficiently find the right parts, products, and materials at the right price.

Continuing to come back to use year after year is the best endorsement we could ask for, and here are three reasons we take pride in decades-long client relationships and why they lead to better outcomes for our clients.

They Trust Us to Respond to Critical Issues

When you have a problem, who do you go to? It’s probably someone you trust. That’s precisely what happens with Rothkopf’s clients. When they have a critical issue with a part, they come to us because they know we will find an answer and put it into action.

Recently, a decades-long client encountered an issue with the o-rings running through their machines. They manufacture heavy-duty equipment, and a single jam in their automated machine can turn into a major hiccup. They wondered if the actual o-ring was causing the issue or if it was something with the machine’s mechanics.

The client went straight to Rothkopf to dig into the technicalities of the situation because they trust Rothkopf’s expertise on the subject — it’s why they continue to use Rothkopf.

Rothkopf discovered the issue originated at the manufacturer factory where the o-rings were made. One out of every few thousand would not be released with the rest, and it would end up “overcooked.” It was a minute issue but one that had enormous implications, and thanks to Rothkopf’s nearly 70 years of experience, they could diagnose the problem based on the description, seeing the troublesome parts, and tapping into their years of specialized knowledge.

This is the type of solution that can only come from a trusted client-vendor relationship—and it ensured there was never downtime on the client’s supply line.

They Look to Us for Guidance on Product Growth

Rothkopf is fortunate to work with clients who continuously focus on growing their product line and building their business. That growth means these clients are always looking to the next innovation and where there are opportunities to expand existing business.

Of course, growing a product line means sourcing new materials and parts. Rothkopf’s clients know they can look to Rothkopf for guidance on finding each piece necessary for a product line expansion. One client recently brought in Rothkopf to help source complex rubber components, including rubber hoses, connectors, and other molded parts, without having to go back to the drawing board and consider new vendors, which could mean longer onboarding times and a lag in going to market.

This client trusts Rothkopf to know precisely who to go to to find these complex, industry-specific rubber parts. Rothkopf brought in a vetted supplier, and the client was able to finalize and launch their new product line quickly, going to market with impressive speed and staying with the pace of innovation.

They Look to Us When Specifications Change

Many Rothkopf clients work in highly technical industries with stringent regulations. We work hard to make sure each piece of their supply chain matches the exact industry-specific materials and dimensions needed while also ensuring they’re getting the best price on the market from a trusted, efficient manufacturer.

But sometimes, those specifications change, or the manufacturer changes the makeup of its parts. This recently happened to a longtime Rothkopf customer, and they immediately looked to Rothkopf to spring into action.

Rothkopf tapped into a vast global manufacturing network and leveraged expertise in highly technical industries to deliver a custom option for this client, as well as the specific dimensions, materials, and industry requirements. Together, they found a solution to eliminate downtime due to the change. This is why the client continues to work with Rothkopf—because they know that when there are disruptions, Rothkopf has an answer.

Longstanding Relationships Make Growing Together Smoother

Rothkopf wants to see all of their client’s businesses grow because when one business grows, we all grow. By establishing longstanding, trusted relationships, everyone can benefit from existing expertise, tap into vetted networks, and move industries forward. Contact Rothkopf today to see how you can begin a relationship that will put your business in the trusted hands of one of the foremost experts in the rubber industry.

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