3 Benefits of Rubber Products in the Medical Industry

by | Apr 1, 2022 | O-Rings

Rubber products are extremely versatile, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications, from automotive and airplane parts to electronics and home goods. They’re also utilized in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, primarily for their sealing capabilities. Here are a few benefits of using rubber components in medical products.

How Rubber Products Help the Medical Industry

1. Size Availability

Medical devices get smaller and more complex with every technological breakthrough. As assistive pumps, tanks, and prostheses become more compact and portable, their individual components need to shrink as well.

Rubber O-rings are available in an array of different sizes to ensure they fit even the tiniest medical devices. You can order them in standard, metric, and custom sizes to provide a tight seal for the smallest openings, preventing breakage, leakage, and failure.

2. Heat Resistance

Sterilization is a standard protocol in the medical industry, helping minimize the risk of microbial contamination. Dry heat, steam, electron beams, and gamma radiation are a few common sterilization methods that produce some degree of heat. Most rubber products can withstand routine exposure to high levels of heat, which keeps devices, patients, and providers safer.

3. Nonreactivity

The sealants on medical devices often come in contact with the human body. However, you need to make sure they don’t react to human tissues or other substances. Otherwise, the health of the patient and the accuracy of the procedure may be jeopardized. For these applications, medical-grade rubber seals are available. These products have increased chemical and heat resistance and low permeability to gas to prevent certain variables from affecting treatments.

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