How Are Rubber O-Rings Commonly Used?

by | Oct 20, 2021 | O-Rings

Rubber O-rings are circular gaskets that provide a tight and dependable seal and prevent liquids and gases from escaping. They’re used across a wide variety of industries and in a number of applications, ranging from common everyday objects to aerospace, automotive, and electronic equipment. Learn about the most popular uses for O-rings below.

4 Common Uses for Rubber O-Rings

1. Medical Devices

O-rings can form a reliable seal even under extreme temperature and pressure changes, which makes them ideal for different medical devices. They ensure medical equipment can operate as it should and best support the life and health of the patient. Pumps, respirators, drug delivery systems, and fluid transfer devices are just a few of the medical tools that utilize O-rings. The circular products help oxygen, medication, water, and other substances flow through these mechanisms and to patients.

2. Scuba Gear

Scuba diving requires specialized gear that needs to withstand water and rapidly changing pressure levels. O-rings provide tight seals for scuba essentials like air tanks, diving regulators, underwater lights, and cameras. They ensure that these devices remain dry and operational, even in water of excessive depth or extreme temperature.

3. Beverages

Every time you order a draft beer or a fountain soda, O-rings help transfer the liquid to the glass. They offer a secure seal around the area of the keg or concentrated soda package where the tubing connects and again at the other end where it attaches to the tap. Without O-rings, your beverage would never reach the glass.

4. Sinks

O-rings are standard components of kitchen and bathroom sinks. They help position the handle of the faucet and keep water from leaking around the edges. Replacing a sink O-ring is one of the most common DIY home repair projects and requires little time and no plumbing expertise.

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