How Attending Industry Events Helps Rothkopf Better Serve Our Customers

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Company

The Missouri Association of Manufacturers Trade Show is an annual event that brings together manufacturing professionals from across the state. This year’s event took place in Branson, MO, and offered attendees the opportunity to participate in informative breakout sessions, network with other professionals, and explore the latest technologies and services in the industry. For Rothkopf, attending the trade show was an important way to stay connected with the broader manufacturing community and learn about the challenges and opportunities that manufacturers are facing.

This was our first year attending the MAM Trade Show, and while we are not officially part of the organization (since we’re not a manufacturer), we’re thrilled to be able to meet with more manufacturing companies and attend events in our home state of Missouri.

Over the course of the two day show, Stephen Rothkopf, Business Development Manager, single-handedly manned the Rothkopf booth and represented our company. As Stephen says, “being present at as many industry events as possible not only keeps us plugged in to the ever-changing industry, but also allows us to get in front of engineers and buyers that have industry questions and want to find better, newer resources to help them.” In addition to providing guidance to manufacturers and our current clients, Stephen was able to chat with other exhibitors, network, and discuss new developments industry-wide.

We are subject matter experts; we know our products, our clients, and our processes inside and out. That said, there is always more to learn, and the world is always changing. We have to continue to educate ourselves and stay current with the latest technology, processes, and industry trends.

How Trade Shows Help Us Serve Our Clients

So how does attending events like the Missouri Association of Manufacturers Trade Show benefit Rothkopf’s customers? By staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, Rothkopf is able to better understand the needs and challenges of our customers. We are able to offer more informed advice, identify new solutions to problems, and provide access to the latest technologies and services.

In addition, this event and others like it are an excellent opportunity to speak with other exhibitors, get in front of engineers and buyers, and meet with our current customers. Whenever we’re able, it’s always our preference to connect with suppliers, manufacturers, and current and potential customers face-to-face—it’s part of what has set Rothkopf apart for over 60 years.

Participating in these events allows us the chance to be both a resource to manufacturers, and to learn from attendees, which are major reasons we make it a priority to attend.

Future Events with Rothkopf

Rothkopf prides itself on our expertise in the rubber distribution industry—and attending events with others in the field is just one of the ways we maintain that expertise. Our commitment to attending these events reflects our dedication to serving our customers and to staying ahead of industry trends and challenges. The MAM Trade Show 2023 was a great opportunity for Rothkopf to stay top-of-mind in the Missouri manufacturing scene, and network with a variety of businesses and manufacturing professionals—so whether you’re a manufacturer, a distributor, an engineer, or a supply manager, we hope you’ll consider attending next year’s Missouri Association of Manufacturers Trade Show.

In the meantime, you can catch up with Rothkopf at Design2Part’s Atlanta, GA trade show this month! Come join us March 29th and 30th, where we’ll be part of over 160 American suppliers exhibiting at the show, along with attending breakout sessions, keeping pace with industry developments, and connecting with amazing people. See you there!

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