The Rothkopf Way: Understand Customers Access Supply Chain Manage Orders & Inventory

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Supply Chain

Rothkopf is a dedicated rubber components sourcing and distribution company specializing in the needs of large OEMs, mid-sized manufacturers, and small assemblers across various industries. At Rothkopf, we understand that sometimes our clients need more than just rubber parts; you need expertise, trust, and a seamless process that ensures projects progress without a hitch. Our commitment is not merely to provide rubber parts but to assist our clients in achieving their objectives efficiently and effectively. “We don’t just sell parts. We understand the unique and often competing requirements that impact molded rubber part design and material selection and have decades of experience in this space.” From identifying the unique specifications of our clients to crafting custom solutions and managing a global network of reliable suppliers, we are the bridge that connects innovation with efficiency in the rubber parts industry.

Discover how Rothkopf thrives in a competitive landscape with our incredible customer service, our policy of flawless fulfillment, and by continuously exceeding client expectations.

Understanding the Customer

When working with a prospective client, our first step is to make sure we have a robust understanding of the application they have in mind. Typically, when we begin a relationship with a client, they already have a specific need or part in mind and are frequently looking for a price and lead time estimate. Rothkopf knows that, even if it’s a standard part, it’s essential to ensure that the client has the ideal specifications for the product they intend to produce. Our approach is never cookie-cutter; instead, we prioritize understanding your specific application requirements and delivering customized solutions to protect your brand reputation.

We actively listen, inquire, and, when needed, provide constructive challenges to thoroughly grasp the application environment.

When we partner with a client, we ask that you provide us with a dimensioned drawing with tolerances and a material compound specification sheet. Whether you have these drawings prepared in detail or you have a rough outline, we will work with you to perfect one that’s appropriate for the intended use. We request that prospective clients or current clients beginning a new project provide us with as many details as you can about your part and the application environment, which allows us to help you identify the ideal component. Ultimately, we make sure all the right questions have been asked and answered to help you end up with the best part for the job.

Once we reach a consensus on the application, the material and specifications, and how many parts you estimate using in a 12-month period of time, we’re able to go to our supply chain to find you the best price and lead time.

Accessing Our Supplier Network

When all parties are satisfied with the design, Rothkopf will take it from there. We reach out to our extensive network of reliable, time-tested, high-quality suppliers, who compete to get you the best price at the highest quality within the desired time frame. You won’t have to lift a finger or wade through the jungle of unknown factories of questionable quality. We’ve already done the legwork to ensure your products are sourced from reputable and trusted suppliers, guaranteeing your peace of mind throughout the process.

Our supply chain consists of 25-30 suppliers that we are deeply familiar with, many of whom have their own unique areas of expertise, focusing on specific niches. Each supplier brings a distinct skill set to the table, ensuring that we can tailor our sourcing to precisely match your requirements, whether you’re seeking a limited batch or a substantial production run. This diverse range of specializations enables us to offer you an array of options for your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the best-fit solution for your project. Our international network spans the globe, and Rothkopf can bring you choices and offer you control of where your parts are made.

Ideally, we’re able to return to you within two weeks with the best options. Rothkopf’s team will internally select the best option based on what the customer has said they need, or present a couple of strong options—for example, one may have better pricing, while the other has a shorter lead time.

Quality is always top of mind with Rothkopf and our manufacturers. We understand the importance of thorough testing, and our provision of samples empowers you to ensure product quality before it reaches consumers.

Order and Inventory Management

Once the client has agreed to engage Rothkopf to supply those parts, we establish an inventory and a dynamic pipeline (on-the-shelf, in-transit, in-production) that adapts to accommodate varying production demands, ultimately delivering a flawless fulfillment solution that significantly reduces both risk and expense. We typically see delivery times ranging between 4-8 weeks for domestic production orders and 16-18 weeks for overseas production orders. Rothkopf buys a bulk quantity of your parts, stores them in our warehouse, and schedules delivery to match your production requirements. Many of our customers appreciate that they don’t have to give us a hard purchase order with scheduled releases, and can instead leverage their forecasted usage with a Rothkopf stocking agreement. They rely on Rothkopf to manage the logistics; we do so with custom packaging, consumption rate monitoring, min/max programs, auto re-stocking, and more. We keep enough inventory on hand to meet your demands, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing the risk of production delays. We keep your production running smoothly by planning inventory to meet your estimated annual usage (EAU), comparing year-over-year use in real time, and monitoring the consumption rates to keep inventory and pipeline at appropriate levels. This allows us to provide your parts exactly when you need them and, in turn, help you meet your production quotas. When a customer orders and schedules parts, sometimes your timing changes. Perhaps you don’t need your next shipment as soon as you thought, or maybe you need an additional shipment ASAP. Rothkopf makes it easy to adapt. We are the flex in your supply chain.

Customer Communication and Reordering

The flexibility Rothkopf is proud to offer is dependent on maintaining an open dialogue with our clients about their needs. So, how do we keep clients informed about the status of their orders? Our team believes in customer-centric support, which means we communicate in the method you prefer, ensuring that we are available and responsive. We build strong relationships based on trust and understanding. At Rothkopf, we understand the importance of timely and effective communication to support your business’s success. Our Director of Operations, Sue Klipsch, and our Inside Sales and Customer Service representative, Debbie Sevier, are always available and responsive via both phone and email, and we’re active on both Facebook and LinkedIn. Finally, we want to make sure your supply chain i s always filled. We’re proactive when it’s time to reorder your parts, making it easy for you to focus on what matters—consistently providing the highest quality products to your customers.


“Rothkopf provides every client a responsive, straightforward, and realistic “can-do” experience from start to finish.”
Rothkopf is dedicated to going above and beyond to meet the unique needs of our clients. We bridge the gap between innovation and efficiency in the rubber parts industry by focusing on:
  • Understanding the customer and their specific applications
  • Cultivating our proprietary supplier network with factories of the highest quality
  • Efficient order and inventory management that allows you to focus your energies elsewhere
  • Friendly, open, and effective communication
Rothkopf’s specialized ability is to offer you a trusted, time-tested body of knowledge, providing you with valuable guidance for identifying the right part and making the best component buying decisions. We will earn our place as your preferred fun, friendly, and reliable distributor of precision rubber components. Get a quote or start a conversation today to experience our customer-centric approach.

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