Our Goal: Make It Simple For You to Diagnose, Replace, and Fix the Ugly Parts

by | Dec 15, 2023 | O-Rings

There’s always that one part. It’s the one that breaks, sending your entire production line into a tailspin, yet you aren’t quite sure where it came from, when it was installed, or where to get another. It doesn’t have to be a big part, but it’s a critical part. It could be an incredibly simple o-ring or it could be a complex, confusing part. Whether it’s a part that has always been standard or a completely custom part made just for this purpose, it’s a necessary rubber component. It’s a critical piece of the cog making the entire system run. It may not be fancy, it may not be high tech, but you can’t function without it. 

Your Team’s Challenge

If you’re a buyer, every time an issue comes up with it, whether that’s daily, weekly, or annually, you’re stuck in the same position. What do you do when that one piece that keeps everything running smoothly is unavailable or not performing? You can’t look it up online or go to a manufacturer. The supplier you usually buy it from never gives you the same answer — or the same price — twice. It’s the same runaround every time, and you wonder if there’s not an easier way.

This is the concern we heard again and again from our customers. “There’s this part that always goes ugly when it fails. But we have no idea about a better way to get it!”

Meanwhile, on the end of these troublesome parts, you have engineers who are tasked with designing new products and components, as well as retrofitting old products with updated components and finding where old and new work together. It’s an exercise in problem-solving, but they need a partner who gets it. They need someone who is an expert — just like they are — who can help brainstorm a solution.

Where Rothkopf Comes In

We look for the problem parts. The parts that keep popping up as an issue, particularly those with specific applications that have been custom made for your unique use case. 

These parts rarely cost much to produce, and they get your system back up and running as quickly as possible. But you need to have a consistent way to source and purchase them. This is how we can put an end to unnecessary issues with pricing, lead time, quality, engineering setpacks, and even product failure, all caused by that one little nagging ugly part. We know your bottom line is on the line, and we’re going to help you find a consistently reliable solution to source these parts each and every time.

How the Process Works

Our goal is to make this as simple as possible for you, and save you the hassle of becoming a rubber expert (that’s our job — and we have over 40 years of experience doing it!). We work side-by-side with both the buying and engineering team to solve for the problem parts that come up again and again. When an ugly part pops up in a customer’s supply chain, we help the customers identify the exact part, determine the specific problems they are experiencing, and work with them to provide the best solution to ensure that this critical component in their application is no longer an ugly part in their supply chain. From design to delivery, we come up with the part that solves your problems — the one your engineers will approve to slide right back into your production line. 

Our goal is that next time this part comes up, you know who to call, what you’re paying, and how quickly you can get it. There’s no need for throwing darts at a wall. You understand what you need and how to get it. It’s as simple as possible. No more ugly parts.

And, If You See Us at a Show…

Yes, we’ll have the Ugly Parts Relief boxes with us! Those are our fun way to get this issue out into the wild, and share with people why solving the problem of ugly parts matters. We’re problem solvers by nature, and we love the challenge of figuring out the ugliest parts in your supply chain. 

And, whether you send it back via the kit or we work together the traditional way, once that ugly part is in our system, we’ll have it on record, giving you the ability to get the ugly part when you need it, and making sure you’re never put in a production pickle again. We know reliability and products you can trust are your top priority, and we want to make sure every component you need is available when you need it. 
Don’t have an Ugly Part Relief box, but you have an ugly part you want us to look at? Utilize our Digital Ugly Part Form to help start the process and contact our Rubberologist for assistance. We’ll start solving your ugly part problems today.

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