We Have a Worldwide Network — And We Take Into Account Annual Supply Chain Disruptions Worldwide

by | Jan 5, 2024 | Case Studies

One of Rothkopf’s primary goals is to keep our clients’ businesses running smoothly and effectively. We know your bottom line grows when every point in your production line is working correctly. If there’s even one hold-up within the supply chain, whether that’s in manufacturing, shipping, delivery, or anywhere else from start to finish, those impacts will be felt throughout the business.

As a global solution leader, avoiding supply chain disruption is a core tenet of our business. We are adept at navigating unanticipated disruptions and putting a plan B into place when best-laid schedules don’t go according to plan. We are quick to react to supply chain impacts due to natural disasters, geopolitical factors, and other unexpected events. However, it also means taking into account annual events that we can plan for.

We know that holidays, celebratory occasions, and cultural traditions will cause suppliers to go dark and make it difficult to fulfill orders during certain times of the year. We plan for these dates on the calendar and communicate with our clients far in advance to account for these events that will disrupt the supply chain worldwide. For example, if you’re getting a part from China and you need it in February, you need to know that most businesses will close down for a period of time between the end of January through mid-February. This could be two weeks or up to four weeks, depending on the business and its leadership decisions.

We want to make sure you’re aware of these possible supply chain disruption dates as you make your 2024 plans, and these are the holidays and events we currently have on our calendar. We can’t expect suppliers to respond or fulfill orders during that time — but we can be prepared, and we can make sure you are, too.

2024 Supply Chain Disruption Dates and Global Closures

New Year’s DayInternationalJanuary 1, 2024
EpiphanyGermany, Italy, Sweden, Latin American countriesJanuary 6, 2024
Lunar New YearMalaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and South KoreaFebruary 10, 2024
Tet HolidayVietnamFebruary 10, 2024
Chinese New YearChinaFebruary 10, 2024, with closures up to 2-4 weeks surrounding the date
Good Friday through EasterMarch 29, 2024-March 31, 2024
PassoverApril 22-30, 2024
OktoberfestGermanySeptember 21, 2024-October 6, 2024

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